Virgin Cuticle Hair (100% Human Hair)

Weft Re-lift

Weft Installation

20” Genius Weft HAIR ONLY

24” Genius Weft HAIR ONLY

22” K-Tip Hair and Installation

18” K-Tip Hair and Installation

Braid-less weave

Braid-less weaves are installed by crimping a bead closed around small sections on hair creating a row.

The weft hair extensions are then sewn onto the rows that are created with the beads.

This methods hides the beads better than the beaded extensions and look a lot tidier. Braid-less weaves require a re-lift every 4 weeks.

IBW (integrated beaded weft)

IBW (integrated beaded wefts) extensions are placed in rows by creating an anchored rows using a bead and thread technique. This method allows for even weight distribution.

The weft hair extensions are then sewn onto the anchored rows by using a triple lock stitch.

This method is the most secure and discreet method out of the weft options. IBW requires a reinstall every 8-12 weeks.

Fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions have an Italian keratin bond at the top of the extension. Keratin bond provides a stronger hold, as the keratin tip is heated to mold around the hair.

These extensions do not experience slippage, as the extension is bonded to the hair and will remain so until the bond is cracked or removed.

This installation will also last anywhere between 4-6 months and can be reinstalled one more time to last you another 4-6 months.

Combining two methods of hair extensions

You may ask, “Why would you want to have two different type of hair extensions added”?  Well, let me explain:

When you have the wefts extensions installed, you can’t go as close to the hair line like you can with fusion extensions.

Some clients like to have fuller, thicker, and longer sides. This is where adding a few strand of fusion extensions will help.