IBW (integrated beaded wefts) extensions are placed in rows by creating an anchored track using a bead and thread technique. We also ensure that there is proper placement, proper tension, proper sections and the correct angles. Once the rows are customized to your natural hair, and your styling requirements, the wefts are then placed on the anchored rows and then sewn on with a nylon thread.

Yes, most defiantly. The anchored rows are placed custom to your hair and your natural parts to create the most natural look and the easiest to hide and style.

Yes, you certainly can. You can swim in both salt water and chlorine water. We do recommend that you put your hair up in a ponytail or have it in a loose braid. Make sure you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, use a leave in conditioning spray or hair serum and brush your hair right after you’re done swimming.

Yes, you are able to use conditioner and oil based products without worrying that it will loosen your extensions. We don’t recommend using oil based products on your roots – concentrate using the oil based products on the ends of the extensions and from the nape of the neck, down.

Since permanent hair extensions are applied with keratin wax and or beads that stay in for a long period of time, there is some risk of minimal damage to the roots of your hair as well risk of pulling and some discomfort. If the extensions are installed proper and professionally, there is very minimal damage done to your natural hair. In my 10+ years of experience, I have seen more damage done with clip in hair extensions and tape in hair extensions than any other method.

Beaded extensions are installed by using only beads. A section of hair is divided into two parts, one going above the weft and the other going under the weft. It is then, over directed in one direction under the weft where the bead is crimped closed. I find this method to be the last secure and requires a re-light (tightening) every 4 weeks.

Braid-less weaves are installed by crimping a bead closed around small sections on hair creating a row. The weft hair extensions are then sewn onto the rows that are created with the beads. This methods hides the beads better than the beaded extensions and look a lot tidier. Braid-less weaves require a re-lift every 4-6 weeks.

IBW (integrated beaded wefts) extensions are placed in rows by creating an anchored rows using a bead and thread technique. This method allows for even weight distribution. The weft hair extensions are then sewn onto the anchored rows by using a triple lock stitch. This method is the most secure and discreet method. IBR requires a re-lift every 8-10 weeks.

Nylon thread is a durable material that will not absorb moisture, will not expand, and does not absorb moisture.

To be able to sustain a healthy scalp, the extensions need to be placed slightly different to allow a resting phase to the area of your scalp and hair that the extensions were attached to. This is to prevent any damage. Also, we all natural shed 50 – 150 hair per day. With that being said, the hair that is in the beads will eventually shed out. By re-doing the rows, it allows us to add more hair into the beads, which allows for even weight distribution. There is no need for a break period in-between the removal and re- installation.

Seamless application allows you to style your hair including up in a ponytail without any beads or wefts being visible. Since the extensions are installed with a string and bead technique you can be rest assured that you don’t have to worry about a bead slipping or falling out causing your weft or track to be hanging. There are no visible beads showing, even when you put your hair up. This is the beauty of IBW over classic micro-beaded weft extensions that are only installed with beads. IBW is also long lasting with maintenance every 6 – 1- weeks instead of every 4 weeks. IBW has proper tension, proper sections, no over directions and correct angles

– No visible attachments
– No heat, wax or tape
– no chemical used for removals
– quick and easy maintenance every 6 – 10 weeks
– 5 min removal
– Less contact points
– Light weight
– Only 2 to 2.5 rows needed for up to 200 grams of hair
– Less damage
– Hide better
– Not only will you have the most natural, light weight and comfortable extensions you’ve ever had, but no one will ever believe that you have extensions in unless you tell them
– Add volume
– Adds length
– Hair can be reused

– Very strong, durable bonds
– Hold firmly to your own hair
– Stay in for 4-6 months with no monthly maintenance
– Adds length
– Adds volume
– Great for filling in the sides
– Allows you to work around those pesky hair parts
– Easy to put up
– Less maintenance
– Hair Can be reused once
– Small Individual strands